Dr. Mike Ciampi

Welcome to Dr. Mike Radio,

Each week, Dr. Mike will focus on medical innovations as well as the principles of free-market medicine.  The concept of free-market medicine is beginning to take hold in America as more and more family doctors recognize that their time should be focused on the patient instead of wrangling with insurance companies or government red tape.


Dr. Mike Ciampi has been a frequent guest on the Ray Richardson show for many years, offering his unique perspective on the medical industry.  Additionally, he has been a guest on FOX News, the Mike Huckabee show, CNN and many other programs as his effort is to bring free-market medical principles to the fore-front of medicine.

You can join him each and every Sunday at 11AM EST.

Dr. Mike Radio can be heard on 100.5FM, 1310AM and streamed live at wlobradio.com